Hornet wind turbine next door


Alternator from Thermodyne

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  1. Tony sludden says:

    I have got 3 12v batteries a wind and light hybrid controller 1 hornet power system and 3 solar panels 250 can you send me a diagram of how to connect everything. Thank you Tony

    • hugh says:

      I have never used one and I would not want to but I looked online and found a diagram so I can tell you.

      You may need to put eye terminals on some of the wires and connect them in stacks on bolts as there are many connections to one wire.

      Connect black to battery negative. Connect this to each battery negative (3 ways).
      Connect battery plus to red wire. Connect all 3 battery positive to this red wire. Please use a fuse on this connection! Maybe 50A or whatever is appropriate for your wire sizes.
      Do this battery wiring first so it knows you have a 12V battery. Never disconnect the battery with the wind turbine connected.

      Connect yellow wires to wind turbine output. Ideally this would be to the 3 wires inside the wind turbine that come off the stator windings. But at a pinch you can just connect the two wires to any of these 3 yellow ones and it will work.

      Connect blue to your solar negatives. Connect solar positives to the red one. Connect this to the controller red wire and not directly to the battery.

      I hope this helps.


  2. Tony sludden says:

    I have bought an hornet wind turbine two wire system I’ve also bought a controller the title of the controller is Wind and light hybrid controller-ECO ENERGY this has 3 green wires the turbine has 2 how do I overcome this I am 77 and am a novice

    • hugh says:

      Hi Tony,

      The best solution would probably be to go inside the alternator covers and find 3 wires leading to the rectifier in there and connect to them via 3 long wires to the controller. Or open the controller and fid the rectifier in there and connect your turbine’s 2 wires to the output of that.

      If you are lazy you can make it work by connecting the two windmill wires to two of the three inputs. But you waste power in 2 rectifiers.

      Or toss the controller in the bin and connect the 2 wires from the windmill to the battery via a fuse. You will then need to make provision for charge control with a dump load. A dump load controller is the best for a wind turbine.

      Personally I like Tristar charge controllers in “diversion mode” for regulating battery voltage and diverting excess into a dump load.


  3. Samuel Gray says:

    I have one of these can you send me a diagram of how to connect everything

    • hugh says:

      Hi Samuel,

      wire it up directly to the battery plus to plus, minus to minus but use a fuse in case the wiring shorts out the battery and you set it all on fire.

      If the wind blows and the battery charges then you will need a diversion load controller to regulate the charging so it does not fry the battery. I recommend the tristar 45 with a suitable diversion load as described in my pages under “charge controllers” in the black menu bar above. Any questions just ask. I can even sell you a tristar and help you find a suitable load.

      have fun

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