Photos of the Scoraig wind turbine building workshop

14 wiring up the coils

Kostas and Yanti wiring up the coils

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3 Responses to 14 wiring up the coils

  1. Nicomedes lauro says:

    Please,the stator coils are all placed clockwise?

    • hugh says:

      hi Nicomedes,
      It’s best to place all the coils with the same direction of rotation. If you turn one over then the voltage it produces will be reversed. So yes, if one is clockwise then do them all clockwise.
      In this particular stator (10 pole and 12 coil) some of the coils are connected “backwards” but this is very unusual. I only made this once and although it worked OK I do not recommend you use this design because I have much simpler ones that work just as well or better.

  2. Nicomedes lauro says:

    Por favor as bobinas no estator sao Colocadas todas no sentido horario?

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