16 foot homebrew in Wyoming

“Hello again.

We are in wyoming, only 30 miles from proposed LARGEST wind farm in WORLD( cherry choke project ) best wind zone in USA here.  3000 new GIANT wind generators will be installed here in  next  year. 

7200 ft elevations. 40 below zero winters, 100 + plus winds here with out storm or bad weather.

We have tested your wind mill plans here, they have worked prefect for 4 years now.. so

We built  ONE 4 TIMES LARGER ( scale )  8ft blades, 16ft total spread, on chevy 5 ton truck front axle 15K lbs weight rated bearings.

Does 85 amps @ 12 mph winds with NO resitor. 

here are some pics.. 

one pic shows it next to your standard one we built, 4 years ago.

Only problem we have now is TOO much power, new challenge is where to divert all this extra power. 



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  1. Andy Finch says:

    Looks like a super job, well done. Divert the excess power to run a hot tub, much more fun than just heating a tank of water.

    Makes my 8ft dia HP turbine look a bit small!

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