Scoraig wind workshop 2016 photos

From 23rd-29th April 2016 i hosted a workshop here at Scoraig.

Seven “students”.  Co-instructor Jonathan from Austria.

Project was 2.4m diameter 24-V battery charging turbine from the Recipe Book.  See also the pdf guide to welding this machine.  Mostly it was pretty standard, but we did a new magnet rotor mould design with wood-screws that adjust the height of the disk within the casting.  This was the result of a group brainstorm session.

Accommodation at “Drift Wood” with all meals provided.

Here are some photos of the week’s events.  Mostly mine but some from Jonathan and Mark, thanks!

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  1. Those are some beautiful chickens in that first photo! Though I’m not exactly a chicken connoisseur, so what do I know? 🙂

  2. Jim says:

    Good photo collection. I want to have a workshop like this !

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