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Clearer drawing of the 10-pole 12 coil design

Coils wound in pairs using 2-in-hand 1.6mm diameter wire.  Each coil has 37 turns in the one we did for the workshop. Coils in each pair are roughly ‘in phase’ if one is flipped over as shown.  (Actually there is … Continue reading

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Paul Gipe reports further embarrassing mis-use of small wind turbines in the city…

Reno Nevada Proves -Again that Small Urban Wind Produces Poor Results. “The City paid more than $20,000 for a Helix turbine, famous for other “worst turbine install in history” accomplishments, that generated an incredible 34 kWh in the two years … Continue reading

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Making wooden blades with Max

A well made video by Max ‘Menelaus’ of showing how to shape blades using a bandsaw and power sander.  It’s also interesting to note the reduced number of steps in the process compared to the procedure in my Recipe … Continue reading

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Photos of the Scoraig wind turbine building workshop

Participants: 6 (Robert, Jonathan, Kostas, Benji, Yanti and Kern) Dates: 5-12 May 2012  Location: Scoraig. Project: 3 metre machine using ferrite/ceramic magnets at 24VDC Poles: 10, (3 magnet blocks 50 x 50 x 20 per pole) Coils: 12 (37 turns … Continue reading

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Operation of school wind turbines suspended in Highland Region.

Following enquiries from councillors and members of the public, The Highland Council commissioned the Building Research Establishment, an independent organisation, to evaluate all wind turbine installations on or adjacent to school sites. Based on initial feedback from BRE, the Council … Continue reading

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