Blade hub question

Hercule writes:

Hello I’m trying to sketch in CAD the blades for a 3m turbine using your 2009 metric recipe book (I’m enjoying the read so far). For some reason I am getting an overlap of 76mm (see image attached). Have I misinterpreted your instructions (Metric Guide – Page 16) or is this intentional? Thanks
hi Hercule,

It is not important whether there is an overlap or not. It depends on the width of the wood and in some cases the edges of the blades will meet each other but there is no advantage to that and it makes no difference. I suggest that you use the widest wood that you have but at least as wide as the minimum size quoted in the manual. So there is no ‘right answer’ for the width of the wood and sometimes the overlap will be large and other times there will be none.

I hope this helps.


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